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Canine Team Training

Located in Southern Illinois  -

Dog Agility, Nose Work & Obedience Training

Instructor - Carol Ely

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Holding Paws


We can,

do it together!


by Carol Ely, Photos compliments of Abirdy Photos, Inc.

Suggested resources for both the professional dog trainer and dog owner


Recommended Books

The Forever Dog  (very good, must read) by Karen Becker

The Culture Clash

by Jean Donaldson

If Dogs Prayers Were Answered Bones Would Rain from the Sky

by Suzanne Clothier

Control Unleashed (Creating a Focused and Confident dog)

by Leslie McDevitt, MLA,CDBC,CPDT

Don't Shoot the Dog

by Karen Pryor

On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals

by Turid Rugaas

The Power of Positive Dog Training

by Pat Miller, Jean Donaldson

Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats

by Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, PhD, and Susan Hubble Pitcairn

How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves

by Sophia Yin, D.V.M.

Dogs are from Neptune

by Jean Donaldson

Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog (Karen Pryor Clicker Book)

by Emma Parsons

Shaping Success (Agility) By Susan Garrett
Clicker Training for Obedience By Morgan Spector
The Whole Dog Journal – Handbook of dog & Puppy Care and Training Edited by Nancy Kerns

Purely Positive Training – Companion to Competition

By Sheila Booth

Getting in TTouch with Your Dog by Linda Tellington-Jones
Feisty Fido - help for the Leash-Reactive Dog by Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D & Karen B. London, Ph.D

I'll Be Home Soon! -

How to prevent &Treat Separation Anxiety

by Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D



Recommended Magazines & Journals *Best Choice *- The Whole Dog Journal - Excellent articles especially on suggested products to buy for your dog and health issues. Also a plus, not supported by commercial advertising. Dogs Naturally Magazine Canine Journal- Guide about many things all Dog related. Agility Magazine - Clean Run - also sells books, DVDs, and toys Front and Finish - The Dog Trainer's News - Most articles are on Obedience

Recommended Web Sites

Lost Pet Links Lost Dogs Illinois Pet Harbor Helping Lost Pets

 Links Dog Related - Health Related
Info on Dog Breeds American Kennel Club - Breed Information Pet Med Dog Breed Info listing

Medications both Household and Veterinarian

Note: be careful to read all label ingredients. If  Xylitol is on the list it can kill your dog!!!! Good Charts for common listings Many medication charts ASPCA Poison listing Pet Poison Help line


Vaccines 2017 Titers and how they work AKC Canine Health Research 2014 Info from Dogs Naturally Magazine on Revaccination
ResourceArticles\DrJeanDoddsvaccination-protocol1.pdf Dr. Jean Dodds Recommended Vaccination Schedule The Truth About Vaccines

Rabies Challenge Fund

Leptospirosis Vaccine Protection And Dogs: What You Need To Know

Leptospirosis Described by Dr. Karen Becker

Kennel Cough Symptoms and Treatment by Dr. Karen Becker

Dogs Naturally Magazine article about vaccinations

 Kennel cough Vaccine Problems


Early Neuter/Spay Hazards

Important: read first-

Dated January 19, 2023

Vasectomy and ovary-sparing spay in dogs: comparison of health and behavior outcomes with gonadectomized and sexually intact dogs

Good Scientific proof


Newest Article

Study gauges best canine sterilization ages by breed and gender

September 13, 2020

Early Neuter/Spay Can Create Medical Problems for Dogs

Three Reasons To Reconsider Spay/Neuter

Dog Neutering is an Emotive Subject

Long-Term Health Effects of Neutering Dogs: Comparison of Labrador Retrievers with Golden Retrievers July/2014

Neutering of German Shepherd Dogs: associated joint disorders, cancers and urinary incontinence

Does Early Castration Increase the Risk of Cancer in Dogs?

Early Spay/Neutering hazards by Dr. Becker

Cushing's Disease | Dog Spaying and Neutering (part 1 of 3) by Dr. Becker

Cushing's Disease | Dog Spaying and Neutering (part 2 of 3)  by Dr. Becker

Cushing's Disease | Dog Spaying and Neutering (part 3 of 3)  by Dr. Becker 2013 New* Dr. Karen Becker  The Truth About Spaying and Neutering Early Pay-Neuter Considerations for the Canine Athlete - by Chris Zink DVM, PhD, DACVP

General Health Related Pet CPR AKC TV video Pet CPR Part 1 Pet CPR Part 2

Heimlich Maneuver Could Save Your Pet's Life in an Emergency

This link is an important health notice to all dog owners of

Collie, Australian Shepherds and most herding type breeds.

Cancer is linked to estrogen levels by Dr. Becker Pets Urine PH and Bladder Health

Pet's Anal Glands Bloat in Dogs by Pets 1st. com

Gastric-dilatation-volvulus (Bloat & twisted stomach) Very Good informative Video on Signs of Bloat

Whole Dog Journal- Dog Bloat Causes- signs and Symptoms

Quick Reference Chart to print for GDV BLOAT

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) in Pets

Addison's Disease in Dogs by Dr. Karen Becker Yeast Infections in Dogs

Cyanobacteria: This Stealth Poison Could Kill Your Pet (or Child) Within Hours by Dr. Karen Becker

How to check your dog for tumors by Dr. Ken

Lumps & Bumps on your pet by Dr. Karen Becker Part 1 of 2

Lumps & Bumps on your pet by Dr. Karen Becker Part 2 of 2

Click Link


Pet Care in Condos and Apartments

Bee Stings and Dogs, What to do.



Service Dog Training Near Illinois Service Dog Training in Willisville, IL and in TN

This Able Veteran, Carbondale, IL


Nose/Scent Work Information

(AKC) American Kennel Club Scent Work Video about Scent Work

National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW)

(UKC) United Kennel Club Nose Work

United States Canine Scent Sports (USCSS)

AKC American Kennel Club Scent Work Information

Performance Scent Dogs

Educational Videos

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program Video

Dock Diving Dogs

AKC Canine Good Citizen Program Video


Intro to AKC Junior Showmanship


Other Areas of Interest Dog Rinse for being Skunked by Dr. Karen Becker Canine Dental Cleaning - video from American Vet. Medical Assoc. A Pet Owner's Guide to Dental Care

How to Teach Voluntary Blood Draws

How to Bathe a Dog - by Dr. Karen Becker

Dog Honking, coughing, collapse trachea article by Dogster

Why Dogs eat grass What to do for Itchy Paws Young Living - Essential Oils Green Hope Farm - Flower Essences
Canine Health Information Canine Health Organization Dr. Jean Dodds

The International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing (IAATH) is dedicated to the advancement and awareness of healing and health options for animals. Fire Prevention and what to do after a fire.

The Ultimate Guide to Homeowners Insurance for Dog Owners

Dog Food Related Links Reviews.Com (a very good dog food review recently done)

The Hidden Danger in Your Pet’s Food Bowl Coconut oil Benefits Raw Meat Diet for Dogs & Cats Dog Food Advisor - reviews dog foods and rates them. Very helpful.

Manufactured Pet Food Rating Scores by Dr. Fox Vet Health and Natural Diets - It's for the animals

Puppy Training

How not to Break your Performance puppy Article by Sacha Paker, puppy needs to grow

Puppy Habituation Schedule by Simply Behavior 7 Ways to Puppy Proof Your Home for Your New Furry Friend Home Advisor - Pet Proofing your home

Housebreaking your Dog

Pet's Elimination Habits by Dr. Karen Becker Part 1 Canine Housebreaking Challenges by Dr. Karen Becker Part 2 Canine Housebreaking Challenges by Dr. Karen Becker

Happy Tails - Dog House Training Pt 1 Happy Tails - Dog House Training Pt 2

Happy Tails - Dog House Training Pt 3

Nail Trimming

How Important is Cutting Your Dog's Nails Really? by Dr. Leslie Woodcock

How to Clip Dogs Nails - by Dr. Karen Becker

Is Your Dog Scared of Having His Toes Nails Cut? Clipped? Dremelled? By Donna Hill

How to Find your dog's nail Quick

Dog Behaviors

Resource Guarding by Victoria Stilwell

CHOOSING THE RIGHT DOG by victoria Stilwell Resource Guarding, Positive Video on changing behavior Help for OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) in Dogs

Information about traveling with your pet

Victoria Stillwell - Controlling Barking Vets on Behavior Proclaim, Never Use Shock Collar Victoria Stillwell rejects intimidation - Los Angeles Times Victoria Stillwell Web site -

YouTube Video - Helping a Dog Overcome Fear of People YouTube Video - Dog shy of family member or husband

Calming the Fearful Dog by Suzanne Clothier

Thresholds, Thresholds, and Doing Nothing by Suzanne Clothier

Counter Conditioning and Safety by Suzanne Clothier

The Collar’s Role: Avoiding Spine, Neck, and Other Injuries

Why Prong Is Wrong – Physically and Psychologically

Germany Study on Prong and Choke Collars What is wrong with prong collars Ouch! The Shocking Truth About Electronic Collars

Shock collars and why UK wants to ban them Color Vision in Dogs Explained
Adoption and Fostering of Dogs Advice for fostering a Dog

5 Common Mistakes adopters make when bringing home a new dog

8 Mistakes Owners Make When They Bring Home a Younger Pet Can you afford a Pet? Budgeting for pets

Chill Out! Decompression Tips For New Foster Dogs

How to Tell If Your Adopted Pet Was Abused - And How to Help Them Cope

Building an Unbreakable Forever-Bond with Your Adopted Dog

Some Advice for Fostering or Adopting a Puppy Mill Rescue​



Health & Animal Communication
Veterinary_Medicine.htm Vet Medicine & Diseases Holistic Vet Listing About Vet Medicine Pet Certified CPR Jen Ortman Animal Communicator Linda Tellington-Jones Carol Schultz - Animal Communicator and  Healing Rev. Barb Rocha - Counselor and Healing Animal Talk Videos and articles- many different issues, Podcast


The Below Section are links to help expectant parents to introduce their Dog to a New Baby in the house

Important to read the comments from other expectant parents at the bottom of the article.

Preparing your dog for the new baby

Preparing Your Dog for a New Baby

Introducing Your Dog to a New Baby  PDF file to print

“Invites Decrease Bites.” Making Dogs and Young Children Safe

How to Introduce a Baby to a Dog  Video


Misc. Links

Association of Pet Dog Trainers- APDT This is also a membership for individuals wishing to compete in Rally-O (Rally Obedience).

Locate a lost pet, find a pet to adopt and find a shelter near you.

Illinois Lost Dogs Fido Finder

Professional Pet Sitters, locate a pet sitter near you.

Illinois Animal Owners Rights

Pet Partners formally Delta Society - Certification of Therapy Dogs

The Dog Channel - Info and links Dog Powered Scooter

Search Dog Foundation produces the most highly trained canine disaster search teams in the nation. They recruit rescued dogs from shelters and breed rescue groups, which are then trained by professionals. Please help support them by sponsoring a search dog.

Disaster Prepardedness for Pets

Listings of Vet Tech Colleges Info on how to become a veterinarian

Safe, Interactive Dog Toys and what not to give your dog. by Dr. Becker

Massaging Your Dog | Teacher's Pet With Victoria Stilwell



Web Sites for Dog Shows and Associations AKC - American Kennel Club Roy Jones Dog Shows UKC- United Kennel Club Jack Onofrio Dog Shows TDAA- Teacup Dogs Agility Association Lyons Township Dog Training Club NADAC- North American Dog Agility Council, Inc. Crab Orchard Kennel Club USDAA- United States Dog Agility Assoc. Agility Events Listing CPE- Canine Performance Events, Inc. Greater St. Louis Agility Club UK Agility International Paducah Kennel Club NACSW National Association of Canine Scent Work Lab Tested Online Services - Great way to enter Dog Events

Forms for Public Use

AKC Scent Work Title Fill in Sheets  (note: this is a pdf form) Last updated 04-20-2018



"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Gandhi


Help someone -

Reflect upon the relationship you have with your pet companion. Is it close, do you confide in him or her. Do you spend more time petting and talking to your pet, than to family or friends? This is important to know and recognize, for this reflects on you. It does not make you a bad person, but a person that should start to reach out to others. The dog is a good place to start and a good example of true unconditional devotion. Follow their example and reach out to others. See what you can do today. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Train and have your dog certified to be a therapy dog and visit people in need of the devotion your dog can give. Perhaps start by helping a neighbor in need, with their pets. Join a dog club and volunteer your time. Join a rescue relocation group to help place dogs in need of a ride, to their forever homes. There are many different ways to help others and many that include animals, just ask around.

But please, contribute in some way.


Suggested links that could use your help -

This group helps move dogs and other animals to no kill shelters and forever homes. To help out, you can volunteer to drive an animal from one location to another. Everyone pitches in and some dogs have been moved from one end of the US to the other (even Canada), with the help of many volunteer drivers.

Lots of nice cooperation in this group.

Aggressive Behaviors in Dogs group has over 560 experienced dog trainers helping with aggressive dog behaviors. Only positive-reinforcement "dog-friendly" recommendations are allowed. This group is fully moderated and very professional.

Help transport pets across the country

Puppy Mill Rescue



My Rescue Page link :     My Rescued Dogs


This link is to a video on people giving up dogs to shelters.

The video is on youtube everyone should watch -



I just did a training seminar yesterday at a shelter in southern IL to teach volunteer shelter workers on how to help train the dogs they work with to make them more “adoptable”.  Before starting the seminar I did a walk through and it was hard to see so many dogs waiting for homes. My husband was with and he couldn’t understand why so many very friendly dogs were given up. They even had a lot of small dogs besides the usual black dog group. A lot of the dogs had little sweaters on and looked like they should be home sleeping on someone’s couch or curled up in their lap and probably did do that at some time. It is very hard and I wish people could become more aware before they purchase that cute little puppy. I hope that the obedience classes that I am doing will help to keep more dogs in their homes. Please, if you have skills to help others, help train. Sometimes just teaching them how to walk nicely on a leash or to sit could help to keep them home!


Note: Thank you all volunteers for giving of your time, energy and love. I know it is hard to see them behind bars and not at a warm loving home. You do so much, please hang in there and remember at least you are doing something to help, it is better then ignoring the situation, and I am sure that the furry faces that greet you everyday as you volunteer appreciate your time.

A Big Thank You!  Carol Ely



 we are a

a Team



by Carol Ely


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