Canine Team Training

Located in Southern Illinois  -

Dog Agility, Nose/Scent Work & Obedience Training

Only Positive Training Methods Used!

Instructor - Carol Ely

Professional Dog Training since 2005.

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Instructor: Carol Ely

AKC Approved CGC Evaluator

AKC Approved ACT Evaluator

AKC Scent Work Judge

DDT Detection Dog Training Judge Certified

DDT Detection Dog Training Host Certified



More Information about Canine Team Training and Carol Ely

Carol has been training dogs all her life, with many breeds and many experiences.

The Current Fur Ball Ely Team-

Annie (Border Collie) and Mr. B (Border Collie)

and Border Collie Rescue "Ricky"

Forever in my heart, and my past teachers from the dog world- Abby (Toy Poodle), Magique (Magic the Mini Poodle), Gypsy (Standard Poodle), Zanda (Border Collie Mix), Tiny (Great Dane), Chicotee (GSD/Samoyed), Daisy (Sheltie), Pedro (Boxer)


Professional Training of others began in 2005

I have competed in and received titles in: AKC- CGC (Canine Good Citizen), Farm Dog, Show Obedience, Rally, Agility, FAST Cat, Trick Dog and Scent Work. Non AKC- Barn Hunt, Therapy Dog, Nose Work, USDAA, UKI, UKC, CPE & TDAA

Carol has worked with several shelters and has foster dogs many times.


email  Instructor: Carol Ely

or call 618-867-3023 Note: this is a house phone no texting.





We are a team!

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